China – Lockdowns, another inflationary shock and a supply chain nightmare


President Xi Jinping’s zero-COVID policy is being tested as the country struggles to tame its worst virus outbreak yet. While China’s tech hub Shenzhen has emerged from its nearly month-long lockdown, China’s biggest city, Shanghai, home to the world’s largest container port, has remained shuttered since March 28. Now, the economic effects are starting to show, and global supply chains are beginning to feel the crunch.

Are you as many other companies curious about the major events that will impact the FX Market in China in 2022? Join in and listen when our Chief Analyst, Tuuli Koivu, provide the latest key insights about economic outlook, our Chief Analyst, Niels , talk about the risk assessment and hedging strategies and our Emerging Market expert, Jana Poulsenova, that will give an update on the regulatory corner. 


Date: 4th of May 

Time: 09:00-09:30